Sadie Coles HQ

HQ13-AZ7681P  Material Manifestation Single Stand Forward Motion iiThis show that opened June 10th is being posted in July because June was a crazy bad-ass month.  Not only was there a mini survey show at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence and a large new project at the IMA in Indianapolis – but we also hung a solo show at Sadie Coles HQ in London.  It is hard to chose a single representative image of this show  – but here is a shot at it.  I liked this body of work because it was all about representation and experience which is something that I’ve been struggling with in my work forever.

And there was a video.  I mean a real video-video (not a powerpoint style video), which is sort of a first.  Each show I try to make one work that scares the shit out of me (generally something that might be doomed to fail) This time that work was a video called “Clutch” – thanks to the superb cinematography of Giovanni Jance I think it actually worked.

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